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FDA sign in front of buildingsDrug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - March 20, 2023 - 4 comments

Is Drug Side Effect Information Trustworthy?

How reliable is drug side effect information? Learn about flaws in how the data are collected. The FDA & drug companies "miss" an awful lot!

Spravato, esketamine is available as a nasal spray
ColdsTerry Graedon - March 6, 2023

How to Beat Nose Spray Dependence One Nostril at a Time

Decongestant nasal sprays such as Afrin can lead to rebound congestion if they are overused. How can you overcome such nose spray dependence?

Ashwagandha powder and root
AnxietyTerry Graedon - February 27, 2023

Is There a Downside to Ashwagandha?

You could use herbal medicine to reduce anxiety and treat insomnia. Digestive upset is a downside to ashwagandha. So is withdrawal.

pouring grapefruit juice into a glass
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - February 27, 2023

Is it Risky to Take Atorvastatin with Grapefruit Juice?

Millions of people take statins daily. Are there dangerous food and drug interactions? What about atorvastatin with grapefruit juice?

young man suffering from depression sitting on a couch looking sad, finds it hard to deal with depression
DepressionJoe Graedon - February 27, 2023

Antidepressants and Thoughts of Suicide – Were You Warned?

Tens of millions of people take antidepressant medications. What's shocking is that many of these drugs may also trigger thoughts of suicide.

young woman with pancreatitis or microscopic colitis
Acid RefluxJoe Graedon - February 23, 2023

Getting Off Omeprazole Can Be Challenging!

Many remedies can help with the challenge of getting off omeprazole by easing the symptoms of rebound reflux.

Miniature toilet bowl with red and white laxative pills
ConstipationJoe Graedon - February 23, 2023

How Can You Get Off the Laxative Merry-Go-Round?

Have you ever felt the need for a laxative? These medications are popular, but there are downsides to regular use.

Overweight man holding his fat stomach
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - February 20, 2023

Will Ozempic or Wegovy Weight Loss Last?

Semaglutide can help people lose serious weight. But what happens to Wegovy weight loss when you stop using the drug? Will you regain pounds?

woman holding handful of pills
Cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia)Joe Graedon - February 20, 2023

Is a Loved One Taking Too Many Medicines?

A doctor wrote to us to tell us his aunt was taking 25 different prescription drugs--way too many medicines! What happened when she cut back?

young woman checking her thinning hair in a mirror
Alopecia (hair loss)Joe Graedon - February 20, 2023

Is There Any Natural Way to Stop Hair Thinning?

Many medications can cause hair thinning or actual hair loss. This distressing side effect is rarely mentioned.

Angry patient being refused by pharmacist
Drug Side EffectsDennis Miller, RPh - February 16, 2023

What Pharmacists Don’t Tell You

When your pharmacist discusses your drugs with you, you may not learn all the relevant information. Here’s what pharmacists don't tell you.

FDA-approved pills, ampules and injections
CancerJoe Graedon - February 13, 2023

FDA Stance on Drugs & Cancer Is Confusing

The FDA has issued numerous warnings about drugs & cancer. Many either cause cancer in animal studies or are contaminated with carcinogens.

foot with athlete's foot on pinky toe
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - February 13, 2023

Warning–Don’t Use Bleach to Treat Athlete’s Foot

Not every home remedy we get is good or safe. Advice to use bleach on athlete's foot shouldn't be followed. But lots of people disagree. Why?

Packet of Antidepressant Prozac Pills
DepressionJoe Graedon - February 13, 2023

Doctors Still Doubt Antidepressants Can Trigger Suicide

Prozac was first hailed as a miracle against depression. Later research suggested that antidepressants can trigger suicide. What Happened?

Purple milk thistles in bloom
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - February 13, 2023

Will You Lower Your Cholesterol With Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle extract can lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It blocks the same enzyme as statins.

bottles of medications with warning stickers and information
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - February 9, 2023

Deprescribing: Can You Ever Stop Taking So Many Pills?

When people take lots of pills they may start experiencing drug-induced ills. Getting off the medication merry-go-round has a new name: deprescribing.

Doctor wearing boxing gloves ready for a fight
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - February 9, 2023

Why Top Doctors Prescribe a Ban on Drug Ads

Are you fed up with prescription drug commercials? You have company. Doctors don't like them either. The AMA recommended a ban on drug ads!

Woman scratching itchy arm
AllergiesJoe Graedon - February 6, 2023

Unbearable Itching After Stopping Antihistamines Like Xyzal or Zyrtec

Antihistamines can calm allergic reactions. But when some people stop cetirizine or levocetirizine, they may experience unbearable itching!

Hawthorn berries
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - February 6, 2023

How Can You Lower Blood Pressure Naturally?

Blood pressure medicines are helpful but they often have side effects. What are the best ways to lower blood pressure naturally?

a woman with allergies or a cold blows her nose into a tissue
AllergiesTerry Graedon - February 6, 2023

Can You Overcome Allergies with Xlear?

Xlear nasal spray can help clear pollen from nasal passage to ease allergy symptoms. Saline solution may also be useful against allergies.

A person with psoriasis on his arm who can't afford Otezla
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - February 6, 2023

What Can You Use for Psoriasis If You Can’t Afford Otezla?

One reader reports that apremilast (Otezla) works very well to control psoriasis. There are other options for people who can't afford Otezla.

FDA sign in front of buildings
Alzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - January 30, 2023

Does Funding of FDA with User Fees Damage Objectivity?

Should the Food and Drug Administration be independent? If funding of FDA partly comes from the drug industry, is that a conflict of interest?

Fresh baked bran and flax muffin and coffee
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - January 30, 2023

Beware Coffee and Cipro and Other Drug Interactions!

Do you think twice about taking your pills with food or beverages? Coffee and Cipro are NOT a good combination. Beware of other interactions.

hand with eczema red patches on fingers
Atopic Dermatitis (eczema)Terry Graedon - January 30, 2023

Is Dupixent a Super Solution for Bad Eczema?

One reader is delighted with the way Dupixent (dupilumab) controls symptoms of eczema. This injection is pricey, however, and also has side effects.

Older woman takes pills, experiences adverse drug reactions
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - January 26, 2023

Are Older Patients More Likely to Suffer Adverse Drug Reactions?

A study in Ireland shows that many older people experience adverse drug reactions from their prescriptions.

woman staring at cell phone in bed with anxious look on her face
AnxietyJoe Graedon - January 26, 2023

Coping with Anxiety During Really Stressful Times

How are you coping with anxiety? Are you taking anti-anxiety drugs? A randomized trial shows that practicing mindfulness works just as well.

person with swollen lip called angioedema
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - January 23, 2023

Lisinopril and Angioedema: A Life-Threatening Side Effect

Serious lisinopril side effects can occur after many years. Doctors may miss the diagnosis if lisinopril and angioedema affect the abdomen.

angry female doctor looking at prescription drug ad on her laptop
Atopic Dermatitis (eczema)Joe Graedon - January 19, 2023

Are You Fed Up with Prescription Drug Ads?

Fed up with prescription drug ads? You're not alone! Doctors also despise the ads. Why not complain to the FDA? You can contact the top cop!

Woman weighing herself on a scale to see if new weight loss medicine is helping
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - January 16, 2023

How Well Does the New Weight Loss Medicine Work?

Shedding pounds fast has become a hot topic with new weight loss medicine liraglutide and semaglutide (Wegovy). What are the pros and cons?

sleepy woman with alarm clock
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - January 16, 2023

Stopping Zolpidem (Ambien) for Insomnia Can Be Challenging

Have you had trouble getting a good night's sleep? Who hasn't? That's why sleeping pills are so seductive. Stopping zolpidem can be tricky.

Kraken sea monster is also the name for COVID XBB.1.5
COVID-19Joe Graedon - January 12, 2023

Will the Kraken XBB.1.5 COVID Subvariant Get You?

Did you think we were done with COVID? The highly transmissible subvariant dubbed the Kraken XBB.1.5 is spreading fast. How can you avoid it?

FDA-approved pills, ampules and injections
Alzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - January 9, 2023

Why Have I Lost Faith in the FDA?

The FDA maintains that if it approves a medication, it is "SAFE and EFFECTIVE." Is that true? Have you lost faith in the FDA? If so, why?

Doctor prepares to give a flu shot or COVID-19 vaccine with proper injection technique
BruisesTerry Graedon - January 9, 2023

Does Injection Technique Lead to Bruising from Immunization?

Over the last few decades, nurses and pharmacists have changed their standard injection technique. Does that affect patient reactions?